Crypto Consultancy India, founded in January 2022, was started with just one goal – Educating Indian Masses about Cryptocurrencies and Block chain technologies. Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain sector is the most misinformed sector of all and you get scammed very easily. Therefore, we thought it is our responsibility to educate as well as bring the right information to the masses, which might help people to take the right decision.

CCI will also be a trusted crypto media website that will bring honest news to the masses. You can rest assured that this website will be the most honest among all and will not publish anything unless and until there is a reliable source to the news article. Today’s Media world is dominated by clickbait articles that are focused on only clicks and views, whereas we will only publish reliable news with related and sensible headlines.

We also have the responsibility to educate people about Cryptocurrencies, wallets, Exchanges, NFTs, Defi projects, etc, that would help people to understand the technology and take an informed decision before investing their hard-earned money. We will cover all topics starting with sending a Bitcoin transaction, Storing one’s own key in a wallet till the very complex topics like Defi’s and NFTs. CCI will never give “Financial advice” and one should “Do your own research” before putting their money in any project.

We would like to take this technology to the remotest villages in India so that Indians are well informed and knowledgeable about these revolutionary technologies. We will deploy all possible ways in communicating to the masses like Crypto memes/Jokes/Cartoons will play an important role in our mission.